Film Threat
"The star of Vax is writer/director Barak Shpiez’s ability to create a thrilling short with indie filmmaking resources."
Indie Shorts Magazine (Review)
"Writer-director Barak Shpiez’s 12:35-minute-long Vax manages to create the same suspense and brooding urgency that feature-length films on medical-conspiracy-thrillers do."
Indie Shorts Magazine (Best Short Film Nominations 2023)
Nominated: Best Editing, Best Music
Indie Film Review Podcast
"Vax could very easily become a feature, but it exists so well as a short…that is something I find to be rare."
"Vax could well be expanded into a full-blown conspiracy thriller, and maybe it will, but for now, it makes its points with admirable brevity, and should be viewed by anyone keen to see beyond political point-scoring."
Indie Wrap Magazine
"Well made, meaningful and poignant, Vax is a great short film that succeeds in more ways than one."
One Film Fan
"This film simply does a superb job at creating the atmosphere of unease…hopefully we might get that feature length version.
"I want more, and if that's not a great compliment - I don't know what is. In my humble opinion, "Vax" earns a stellar four and a half stars out of five. Well done."
UK Film Review
"Director Barak Shpiez conjures an impressive sense of stress and tension."
"A fantastic film that wrings every drop of atmosphere, intrigue and tension out of its premise…5 stars.""
Indy Reviews
"With strong cinematography that captures an eerie atmosphere created by dark labs and artificial lighting, Vax feels as though it could be a prelude to a feature thriller."
The Independent Critic
"There's just a whole lot to appreciate here and it would be fun to see Shpiez expand this to feature-length in the future."
Wonderfully Weird and Horrifying
"This 12-minute short manages to create ample suspense, in some ways more effectively than other full-length features...a very impressive short and a taut example of a medical thriller done right. I wanted more!"
Warped Perspective
"...this is a carefully-shot film, well lit, with an appealing balance of colour against lots of darkness; characters appear in shadow, discussing big ideas in barely-illuminated spaces. It gives the film a nicely theatrical quality..."
22 Indie Street
"I thought this film was freakin' great, to be honest with ya. There is precious little I'd think of changing here..."
Screen Critix
"There have been plenty of great films in this genre over the years, but only a few have managed to capture the urgency and suspense that Vax, a cracking little conspiracy thriller from Barak Shpiez, succeeds in doing in just 12 minutes."
Take 2 Indie Review
"Vax is a must-watch for anyone interested in socially conscious filmmaking."

Festivals & Awards

Pasadena International Film Festival
Catalina Film Festival
Glendale International Film Festival
Best Short Thriller Nomination
Flagstaff International Film Festival
Flicker’s Rhode Island International Film Festival
Marina del Rey Film Festival
Sweden International Film Festival
Best Short Film Nomination
London Film & TV Festival
Best Short Film Nomination
Milan Shorts Film Festival
Best International Short Film
New York International Films Infest Festival
Best Short Film Nomination
Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival
Festigious Los Angeles
Best Narrative Short Film
Munich New Wave Short Film Festival
Ealing Film Festival
Highly Commended Award
Europe Cinematography Awards
Best Drama Short Film
Los Angeles CinemaFest of Hollywood
SoCal Film Awards
Best Editing
Indie Short Fest
Best Thriller Short
Las Vegas International Film Festival & Screenwriting Festival
Best Short Film Finalist
Five Continents International Film Festival
Best Drama Short Film
Marilyn Monroe Film Festival
Honorable Mention
Mesa International Film Festival
Brooklyn Sci-Fi Film Festival
Pembroke Taparelli Arts and Film Festival
Best Short Film Nomination
Crown Point International Film Festival
Best Narrative Short
South Film and Arts Academy Festival
Best Social Short Film
Treasure Coast International Film Festival
Best Director - Short Film
Wallachia International Film Festival
Best Editing